Business School’s Salman Joiya authors book on crime in Punjab



Department Report

Mr. Salman Azam Joiya (Assistant Professor at the Lahore Business School) recently published a book with Elkin Publishers, Turkey, titled as “Social and Demographic Determinants of Crime: An Empirical Study of Punjab Province”.

The book aims at empirically examining the social and demographic determinants of crime in the Punjab Province of Pakistan.

Mr. Joiya used panel time series data for the period 2005-2012 to investigate two dependent variables which included Property Crimes (burglary, theft, cattle theft, and dacoity) and Violent Crimes (murder, attempted murder, forcible rape, robbery and assault).

Additionally, explanatory variables like mosque school enrollment, primary school enrollment, and secondary school enrollment, higher school enrollment, under trial, conviction and population density were considered.

Mr. Joiya also discussed few policy recommendations in his book which included checks and balance on secondary and madrasa schools, restructure the deterrence policy along with the culture of police stations, improving police recruitment and retention, establishment of accountability bureaus for police performance, check and balance on urbanization, deterrence policy and counseling of prisoners.

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