Aviation’s Muhammad Irfan Khan co-authors on Automotive Industry

Staff Writer

Mr. Muhammad Irfan Khan (Mechanical Lab Engineer at the Lahore School of Aviation, UOL) published a research paper in the Thermal Science Journal on October 10, 2020. The Journal presents fundamental results of the investigations of different and mutually connected physical and chemical processes, applicable in solving complex engineering processes in real conditions.

His published paper tilted as “Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery of an Automotive IC Engine using (NA, K) co-doped Polycrystalline tin Selenide (SnSe)” aims to transform waste heat from the exhaust gasses of the automobile to electricity using (Na, K) co-doped Polycrystalline tin Selenide (SnSe) thermoelectric material thus resulting in a reduced mechanical load (alternator) and reduction in fuel consumption.

Mr. Khan studied numerous waste heat recovery technologies including the thermoelectric one, which has been an important area of research for both academia and industry over the last three decades due to its significant merits; quiet, eco-friendly, and maintenance-free operation. This technique, not only improves the thermal efficiency of the engine but also reduces the percentage of greenhouse and other harmful gasses for a specified output power of a particular engine.

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