Merit Scholarship

Merit Scholarship

Facilitating our bright students in their pursuit of education is one of our top priorities at the University of Lahore, with our merit-based scholarships acknowledging students who are top performers in their academic areas. This scholarship is available in all regular semesters in undergraduate programs, except for the medical undergraduate program. UCMD has an annual economic review policy for scholarship and awards cash scholarship based on performance,

This scholarship is awarded to the top three applicants in each degree and waives off up to 70% of the tuition fee for the top applicant, 50% for the second place, and 25% of the fees for the third position respectively.

The top three performers in every batch of a degree (based on CGPA) will be selected for the scholarship. * This scholarship is available for regular semesters i.e. ‘fall’ and ‘spring’, and applicants will only be considered once they have been enrolled in the programs.

 Students who transfer from other universities or freeze their semesters will not be eligible, nor would any student with repeated courses or failed grades.

*The scholarship will be divided among the students through predefined rules if their CGPAs are equal.