Kinship Scholarship

Kinship Scholarship

In order to reduce the financial burden and facilitate families with multiple members enrolled in the university, UoL also offers kinship-based scholarships: siblings (real and adopted) and spouses fall under the umbrella.

Students are advised to apply in the first semester, although applications can be extended till the second semester on a case to case basis. As with other scholarships, the financial positions of the supplicant will be taken into account. The minimum concession awarded under this scholarship will vary between 10% to 25% based on the financial need of the student.

The kinship scholarship does not apply to cousins, and will not be applicable once any of the kin has graduated (or is in their last two semesters). Students in the “The University College of Medicine and Dentistry”, postgraduate programs, short courses, and Ph.D. programs are not eligible for this scholarship.  

In the case of two related students, only one will be considered for the scholarship. Similarly, if more than two kin are enrolled in the university, only two will be considered for the scholarship and the combined amount of financial aid will not exceed 30%.