Admitted Students

Admitted Students

At the University of Lahore, we believe that your educational experience is not limited to the walls to the classroom. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are an integral part of the experience at UoL and provide the perfect avenue for students to expand their horizons beyond the classroom. Along with complementing your education/learning/studies, they also create opportunities for self-discovery and help to develop useful lifelong skills, like leadership, communication, networking, budgeting, and management.

The Clubs and Societies office which has been incubated at the Office of Student Affairs provides numerous platforms for students to pursue activities of their interest. Club & Societies work with all the departments to establish a Class Representative System and accept registration for different Clubs and Societies. Clubs/Societies consists of a convener; who leads the entity, a secretary; who assists the convener for the execution of general duties, a treasurer; who is in charge of the annual budget and general members. The working of the Club & Societies Office is based on established rules and regulations for all the entities and participants that ensures transparency and smooth running of the system.

Students can join one of the following clubs to pursue their passions and also represent the university in competitions throughout the country: 

  • Dramatics Club
  • Debating Society
  • Environmental Society
  • Photography Club
  • Health Society
  • Arts & amp
  • Culture Society
  • Computer Gaming Society

The university actively encourages students to contribute to the societies through participation as well as introducing new clubs that interest them. CSO is responsible for providing necessary forms including Expression of Interest, Event Proposal Form, Facilities Requirement Form, Event Planning Guideline to initiate activities and any other necessary support to keep the ball rolling.