1st Year Architecture Study Trip to the Walled City

Field study trips are an essential part of any architect’s education. Seeing first-hand buildings of significant architectural importance; from historic treasures to modern structures, will help inspire students’ vision. Study trips in architecture are fundamental for the students, to explore skills, to integrate knowledge, to discover the power of architecture and to experiment with experiential learning.

The 1st year students from School of Architecture were taken on a study trip to old Lahore. The tour started from Delhi gate, proceeding to the newly restored and conserved Royal Baths (Shahi Hamam). The guide provided in depth information based on historical facts, construction techniques and design details.

After the Hamam the group was taken inside some very intriguing streets of Walled City Lahore dating back to almost 200 years. Next stop was The Famous and very Beautiful Wazir Khan Mosque. Students were briefed about the historical importance of the mosque, it’s construction, restoration and the colorful yet complex Islamic geometric patterns.
The Last stop after lunch was Bagh-e-Jinnah where the students took a tour of the Jinnah Library and relaxed in the Bagh-e-jinnah amidst the hustle and bustle of Lahore.

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