10th Convocation expands alumni body to over 35,000 memberships

A sum of 9,220 graduates are the latest addition to the University of Lahore body of alumni, making the fast becoming influential group’s register soar to 35,775 members currently.

The fresh graduates were unveiled at the 10th Convocation on February 17 from the University’s five campuses, 50 departments and 11 faculties included 32 PhDs, 4,947 (54%) graduates and 4,241 (46%) undergraduates.

Over 228 best performers, benchmarked on the basis of research output, received gold medals from the University Patron also the Governor of Punjab, Mr. Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar.

The Faculty of Sciences took the lead with 1,894 graduates followed by Engineering and Technology that conferred 1,296 degrees. Other faculties were Allied Health Sciences with 1,160 graduates, Management Sciences (1,147), Information Technology (1,059), Languages and Literature (894), Law (545), Social Sciences (519), Pharmacy (380), Medicine and Dentistry (250) and Arts and Architecture with 76 graduates.

  • Governor announces Chancellors’ Scholarship Fund

Acknowledging the role of UOL as a model and beacon of light to other Universities in Pakistan, the governor of Punjab Mr. Sarwar urged for deeper private investment in the education sector to foster national development.

 “Whatever you and I are; is because of this country-Pakistan. We owe it for what it has made us. I hope many of you will rise to the needs and aspirations of your parents, your people and the nation”, he counselled the graduates.

On this event, the governor announced the new Chancellor Hardship Scholarship Fund from which deserving students will gain scholarships and Akhuwat loans as well.

 “We are making this with the government funds but we are also inviting entrepreneurs and philanthropists to participate since the broad aim is to educate every child of the country”, he said.

The Governor paid tribute to Mr. M.A. Raoof for his inspirational leadership, strategic vision and profound commitment to the cause of education.

The Vice Chancellor, University of Health Sciences (UHS), Prof. Dr. Javed Akram candidly acknowledged UOL’s sense of financial prudence, saying “This University never took any bank loan or financial assistance from government. I wish such management techniques were adopted by all universities across the country”. He called for collaborations among universities saying, “It is the way to advance in global rankings”. He expressed readiness of UHS to collaborate with UOL in the common areas of interest.

The UOL Chairman BoG, Mr. Awais Raoof hailed staff endeavors for the university’s success story over the last 20 years since inception. He congratulated the Patron-in- Chief Mr. M.A. Raoof upon the achievement of his vision to make UOL an excellent center of learning.  He pledged to make the institution grow in quality and global reputation as assessed on standards of teaching, learning and research.

The Rector UOL stressed the value of prioritizing science and technology, saying it is the reason Western countries are ahead of others.

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